Mike Horn a été récupéré de son expédition en Arctique mais dans un état incertain

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Nous vous en parlions récemment, le sud-africain Mike Horn et le Norvégien Borge Ousland, âgés de 53 et 57 ans, étaient en expédition depuis deux mois et demi et devaient encore parcourir environ 500 km pour rallier l'archipel de Svalbard, dans l'extrême nord de la Norvège. Mais tout ne s'est pas déroulé comme prévu en raison du réchauffement climatique.

En effet, à cause de l'instabilité de la couche de glace sur laquelle ils avancent, Mike Horn est tombé dans l'eau glacée et a un début de gelures aux orteils et au nez. 'Son moral est au plus bas. Je ne l'ai jamais vu comme ça, dans un état de fatigue physique extrême. Il est en train de perdre la sensation de ses extrémités, c'est inquiétant. Avec ma soeur Jessica, on veut qu'il rentre vite à la maison' avait confié sa fille aînée.

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Expedition Update 31: Licking our wounds tonight after spending the whole day walking first to the south towards our goal, then towards the east to compensate for the western drift, and finally towards the north to make our way around a huge open lead…so basically, it is as if we walked in a big circle today, ending up not too far from the position we left from in the morning…this is a painful process for the mind. In this photo, we can see @BorgeOusland’s hands. We are both suffering from some swelling and open wounds due to the cold. As you can imagine, it is essential for us to take care of these small sores in order to avoid them getting worse or even infected, even though like the toes, this meticulous process is quite painful. No matter how well we try to protect ourselves from the cold, salt, the ice and the wind, the unavoidable exposure to these elements eventually takes its toll. For me, my weaker spots are my thumbs and nose. Those parts are slowly becoming black but it is nothing to worry about yet…Although the pain it causes is starting to get quite uncomfortable, I try my best to keep thinking of more pleasant feelings. After being stopped by this massive open water lead, we first decided to try and cross it…The frozen ice that covered the lead was extremely thin, we could see the dark water through it. It was definitely too thin for us to attempt crossing, but we decided that we had no choice but to go for it. Some of the ice blocks we were walking on moved around like an inflatable mattress floating on water. As we pulled our heavy sleds, they were making an indent in the ice behind us. Each step we took was nerve-racking, we were just waiting for the ice to give in beneath us…So we stopped and put on our dry suits to test the condition of the ice ahead (without our sleds) before deciding to continue walking in this minefield. Although we had already made our way across half of the open lead, we concluded that it was too dangerous to continue and turned back…So back we went and set up camp for the night with hopes of the ice freezing more overnight. I guess there are bad days, good days and even worse days... #NorthPoleCrossing #Pole2Pole

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Mais ce Dimanche matin, ils ont pu rejoindre le bateau Lance spécialement envoyé pour les secourir :

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Expedition Update 41: with the Northern lights comes good news! We were informed that Mike and Børge had another fantastic night of progress making it passed the meeting point they have set with the Norwegian explorers, walking an additional hour in their direction which now leaves both teams of explorers 8 km apart from each other. Since they left the Lance, @aleksandergamme and @polarbengt encountered some bad ice conditions and were forced to find a new route to reach Mike and Børge. The Lance, which got stuck in thick ice finally managed to free itself and is resuming its way up the lead, which will shorten the four explorers’ trip back by at least a half a day. On the photo, Pangaea is on standby in the port of Longyearbyen. It will be sailing up North once the storm dies down on Friday or Saturday. The crew onboard will meet up with the Lance as it makes its way out of the ice and collect Mike and Børge to bring them back to Svalbard. . @sharomovdmitry

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Comme il est écrit sur le compte Instagram de l'explorateur : 'Il est temps pour nos deux héros de profiter d'un repos bien mérité et se remettre de l'incroyable exploit qu'ils viennent d'accomplir !'. L'état de l'explorateur n'est pour le moment pas connu mais il avait besoin de soins urgents. Gageons qu'il est désormais pris en charge par une équipe médicale et souhaitons qu'il se remette pour le mieux.

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