Une grand-mère de 61 ans donne naissance à sa petite-fille

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Cécile Eledge vient de donner naissance à sa petite-fille, Uma Louise Doherty-Eledge, le 25 mars aux Etats-Unis. Cette américaine de 61 ans a accepté de porter l'enfant souhaité par son fils homosexuel Matthew et son mari Elliot. La fécondation in vitro a fonctionné au premier essai alors que la porteuse était ménopausée depuis 10 ans.

L'enfant a pu voir le jour grâce à un embryon conçu avec les gamètes de Matthew et de Lea, la soeur de son conjoint. Cette gestation pour autrui, procédure légale aux Etats-Unis mais interdite en France, a coûté 40 000 dollars au couple.

La naissance du bébé et la joie de cette famille ont été immortalisées par Ariel Panowicz qui a posté ces clichés sur son compte Instagram :

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Being a photographer is such a special and meaningful career. I feel so lucky that I get invited into people's lives to create something beautiful for them to cherish and look back on over the years. This is a story I feel lucky to be able to capture. This is a story of love. Real, authentic, genuine love. Documenting @matt_eledge + @ephemeral_elliot’s journey has been very special. From the day they met, they have shared a deep love for each other and have always remained authentic to who they are. This is the power of family, selflessness, love and acceptance. From Matthew: “I would like to take a moment to pause and share my overwhelming feeling of gratitude. As many of you know, my husband Elliot and I have been in the process of building our family. As a gay couple, this process can be confusing, challenging, and expensive. There is no clear path, and regardless of your decision, it's guaranteed you will need to rely on others to make this dream a reality. Thankfully for us, we are surrounded by the most selfless, most loving women in the world. As I announced last year, my husband's beautiful, loving sister generously donated her eggs and gave us the gift of life. I didn't mention, however, that the individual who volunteered to be our gestational carrier was my very own, very special mother. I have always loved my mother on such a deep, meaningful level. Growing up as a weird, gay kid, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better woman to raise me. She loved me unconditionally, she fiercely protected me from the world, and never once did she shame or judge me for who I truly was. Now, as a grown man, she still continues to be my guardian angel, as she has carried and nurtured our child for the first nine months of her life. While an unconventional path, I genuinely couldn't have dreamt up a more special, more meaningful origin story for our child: her aunt gave her the seed of life, and her very own grandmother provided the loving garden for her to bloom.”

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